Our A.C.T.I.V.E. Learning Approach

Your child is growing up and ready to take on the world!  Between the ages of 2.9-14, your child is like a sponge…absorbing all of the information around him/her.

To help feed their appetite for learning, we provide an A.C.T.I.V.E. Learning Approach:

AcademicsOur experienced, licensed staff will help your child build the foundation of core academic skills (reading, writing, arithmetic) to kickstart them on the path to a bright future.

CreativityKids at this age are so creative, we want to embrace and encourage creativity through programs like art and music.

TeamworkYour child will learn about manners, sharing, giving, and other key social skills often ignored at other early learning centers.

Independence Yes learning how to play/work with others is a critical component for your child’s development, equally as important, is his/her ability to be an independent thinker.  We will help your child utilize his/her own strengths and skills to build self-confidence.

Variety Each day at Little Kickers, your child will have fun learning a variety of life skills…from cognitive and creative (i.e. matching, sequencing, writing, art, storytelling) to physical (group/individual play, fitness, nutrition).

Exercise Let’s face it, all kids really want to do is play right?! :) This is what sets Little Kickers apart from other child care programs…our spacious, state of the art indoor field space allows your child to exert his/her physical energy within a controlled, supervised and safe environment …rain or shine!

At Little Kickers, we understand each child develops at his/her own pace and style, so our curriculum is designed to strengthen the cognitive, social, and physical capabilities for every child, no matter what learning stage your child is in.