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  • ELITE U15-U18 Details

"I can't say enough about how [our son] appreciates the support, training and development he has received over the years with JSSA. He had a great freshman year making the JV team as a starting defender. I know his success in high school is a direct result of the wonderful coaching he has received over the years, and we are so happy to be part of this great soccer organization. Thank you all for your support and excellent coaching through the years and we look forward to continued development and success."

John Smith Soccer Academy brings professional coaching and management to club soccer, as well as enhanced training for youth soccer players in the Metro West area. The development of each player is the emphasis of every team in every age group. A top quality coaching staff, directed by an NSCAA Premier Coach in Felicity Day, will strive to bring out the best in each player, while working hard to improve each player's weakness. All of our teams will compete at the highest level possible in Massachusetts. We recognize the importance that soccer may play in our player's college experience. Our coaches will guide each player who is interested in playing at the college level through the process, including writing recommendations, contacting potential coaches, etc.

We are always looking for strong, talented players to join JSSA at any time of the year. If you are interested in trying out at a non-traditional time (during the Fall, winter, or Spring seasons), please email JSSA Recruiting Director, Taylor Bracken, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to organize a tryout. As of July 15, 2016, we are currently looking for strong, talented players for the following teams: GU9, BU9, BU11, BU13, BU15. We have teams based out of Needham and the Worcester area. When emailing Taylor, please let him know which location you are interested in.

JSSA is happy to announce the formation of ELITE teams for the second year in a row! These teams will be comprised of the most talented and promising players selected at tryouts at our two Metro West locations - Medfield/Millis and Olin College, Needham. The players invited to play on these ELITE teams will be held to a higher standard of player expectations and commitment in order to prepare them to play at the next level. These ELITE players will have the opportunity to play for the top JSSA coaches and with players who have the same skills, determination and tenacity as themselves. ELITE teams will start at the Under 11 age groups. All players (at all levels of play) will have the opportunity for re-evaluation and movement at the end of each season. Player movement will take place when appropriate. This flow/relationship between ELITE team players and those on the premier and select teams is crucial to the success of all players.

    ELITE team players will receive the following EXTRA TRAINING...
  • Coaches with the highest certification
  • 3rd practice per week/every other week technical session
  • Position Specific Training twice per season at player's choice
  • Indoor League Play 1x per week through winter at JSSC (Jan-March)
  • 1 additional tournament
  • State Cup Competition
    Expectations of ELITE team players:
  • Attend all practices and games throughout Spring season.
  • Attend all winter training sessions throughout the winter.
  • Attend all indoor games 1x per week throughout the winter.
  • Attend all tournaments (2 in March, Memorial Day).
  • State Cup Competition

Each NEW player selected to play on a JSSA team will receive the following:

  • Invitation to JSSA College Night Seminar (held annually in March)
  • 2 practices per week in Spring
  • 1 game per week in Spring in NSL (Northeast Soccer League)
  • 1 practice per week, Jan - March at JSSC
  • 2 Tournaments, including JSSA Memorial Day
  • Personalized player evaluation after the Spring season
  • Uniform - 1 Puma game jerseys, 1 pr. shorts, 1 pr. of socks, a bag and a practice t-shirt
  • Discounts on indoor league sessions
  • JSSC Indoor Membership for 1 year
  • $75 Overnight camp discount 
  • $50 Day camp discount
  • Opportunity to participate in Position Specific Training in Fall and Spring (Defending, Midfield Play, Strikers)
  • Free Goalkeeper Training throughout Winter and Spring seasons
  • Free Field Player Footskills clinics throughout the Winter season


Felicity Day

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Full Time Coaching Director

Felicity, John's eldest daughter, joined the family business after a successful college career at Mary Washington College. She was named All-American at college, went on to play soccer in England and was inducted to the University of Mary Washington's sports Hall of Fame in October 2009.