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JSSA Scarf $20.00
JSSA Scarf

Size :
Academy T-shirt $10.00
Academy T-shirt

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New Puma Warmup Jacket $47.00
New Puma Warmup Jacket


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New Puma Training Top $37.00
New Puma Training Top


Size :
Puma Training Pants $32.00
Puma Training Pants


Size :
Puma Hoodie $33.00
Puma Hoodie


Size :
Puma Bag $40.00
Puma Bag

Color :
Black Knit Hat $10.50
Black Knit Hat

Color :
Rain Jacket $29.00
Rain Jacket

Size :
Rain Pants $36.50
Rain Pants

Size :
Puma Game Shorts $17.00
Puma Game Shorts

Size :
Puma Socks $7.00
Puma Socks
Puma Shin Guards $17.50
Puma Shin Guards
Puma Goalie Gloves $14.00
Puma Goalie Gloves

Call 508-634-8080 for available colors and sizes.
Puma Goalie Shirt $42.00
Puma Goalie Shirt

Call 508-634-8080 for available colors and sizes.
Puma Warmup Pants $22.50
Puma Warmup Pants

Limited quanity in stock (sizes available: 3-YM, 15-S, 8-L, 6-XL)

Size :
Puma Training Top $22.00
Puma Training Top

Only 3 YM Left!

Size :
Red Training Top $22.00
Red Training Top

Only 8 Left! (Available sizes: 3-YL, 5-YXL)

Size :
Black/Grey Training Top $22.00
Black/Grey Training Top

Limited Selection Available (6-S, 3-M, 7-YL, 4-YXL)

Size :

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Felicity Day

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Full Time Coaching Director

Felicity, John's eldest daughter, joined the family business after a successful college career at Mary Washington College. She was named All-American at college, went on to play soccer in England and was inducted to the University of Mary Washington's sports Hall of Fame in October 2009.