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JSSA Scarf $20.00
JSSA Scarf

Size :
Academy T-shirt $10.00
Academy T-shirt

Size :
Puma Bag $40.00
Puma Bag

Color :
Puma Warmup Jacket $33.00
Puma Warmup Jacket

Only 10 Left! (Available sizes: 1-YM, 1-YL, 6-M, 1-L, 1XL)

Size :
Puma Warmup Pants $22.50
Puma Warmup Pants

Limited quanity in stock (sizes available: 3-YM, 15-S, 8-L, 6-XL)

Size :
Puma Training Top $22.00
Puma Training Top

Only 3 YM Left!

Size :
Black Knit Hat $10.50
Black Knit Hat

Color :
Red Training Top $22.00
Red Training Top

Only 8 Left! (Available sizes: 3-YL, 5-YXL)

Size :
Black/Grey Training Top $22.00
Black/Grey Training Top

Limited Selection Available (6-S, 3-M, 7-YL, 4-YXL)

Size :
Rain Pants $36.50
Rain Pants

Size :
Rain Jacket $29.00
Rain Jacket

Size :
Puma Game Shorts $17.00
Puma Game Shorts

Size :
Puma Socks $7.00
Puma Socks
New Puma Warmup Jacket $47.00
New Puma Warmup Jacket


Size :
Puma Training Pants $32.00
Puma Training Pants


Size :
New Puma Training Top $37.00
New Puma Training Top


Size :
Puma Hoodie $33.00
Puma Hoodie


Size :
Puma Shin Guards $17.50
Puma Shin Guards
Puma Goalie Gloves $14.00
Puma Goalie Gloves

Call 508-634-8080 for available colors and sizes.
Puma Goalie Shirt $42.00
Puma Goalie Shirt

Call 508-634-8080 for available colors and sizes.

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John Smith

john smith18sm


John M. Smith, the New England Patriots "Rookie of the Year" in 1974, never touched an American football until he was 21 years old! So, how could he obtain this achievement, lead the NFL in scoring in 1979 and 1980 and become an NFL All-Pro Player in 1980!