JSSA Teams

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Our Mission - By providing a supportive environment for players, coaches, and families, we encourage the development of character, self confidence, and the soccer skills to enable each player to fulfill his/her potential as an athlete, team player and leader both on and off the field. Under the oversight of professional coaches, each player will develop solid foundations of proper technical and tactical awareness. We will accomplish this through mastering the building blocks with ever increasing difficulty and by putting our training to the test in weekly matches.

Our Philosophy - Our coaching style at JSSA relies on positive reinforcement, humor and non-stressful, low volume critical feedback. We do our instructing in practice where players’ attention can be concentrated on skill building. We refrain from instructing players on the field during a game unless the directions are for positioning, attentiveness, or encouragement to meet a challenge. Our belief is that a player matures only when he/she is capable of making his/hers own decisions and we encourage all players to rely on each other, as well as the coaches.

Simply put, we believe that soccer is a game of skill and control. We work diligently to teach the techniques of the game (dribbling, passing, shooting, control, heading). We want every player to be confident with the ball at their feet and be able to play 1V1, both offensively and defensively. Our progression includes small group games and working on what we call shape (triangle and diamonds), offensively and defensively. We constantly emphasis a good first touch, which means the player can lift his/her head and begin to recognize options or choices that are available at any given point in time. This is what we call tactics or decision making. Now our progression is essentially numbers up situations and we work on 2v1, 3v1, 3v2, 4v1, 4v2 etc. on both sides of the ball. Our ultimate goal is playing a methodology which emphasizes possession on offense and pressure on defense; a team shape which involves playing in the other teams half and producing many goal scoring opportunities. Player development is and will continue to be our primary focus working with players from 6-18 years old. This method of play will produce good technically sound and tactically aware players which will ultimately produce team success on the field.

All JSSA teams proudly play in the NSL (Northeast Soccer League). The top teams within JSSA play in the NSL Elite league