Camp FAQs

Dear Parents,

For the past 43 years, I have run my own camps and clinics in Massachusetts. I have been instrumental in starting Youth Soccer Programs in numerous towns as well as teaching thousands of coaches and parents to enjoy working with young soccer players of all ability levels. Most of the coaches running camps and administrators running the state associations and leagues in New England were introduced to soccer through my camps or worked at my soccer school in order to improve their knowledge and understanding of the game.

I am completely committed to the great sport of soccer and more specifically to your child's development in the world game. Whether you attend a day camp or overnight camp, I am confident that this experience cannot be matched by any other camp in the world for quality of instructors, program or price.

If you have any other questions, please give me a call at 1-800-998-7622.

Best Regards,
John M. Smith

  • Supervision at Camp

    Players will be closely supervised both on and off the field by our trained staff of counselors and coaches. The ratio of campers to staff will be ten to one for campers aged 7 and older.  The ratio of campers to staff will be five to one for campers ages 4-6.

  • Medical Information

    • This camp must comply with the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health.
    • Our health care and discipline procedures are available upon request.
    • Our certified 1st Aid/CPR Health Care Supervisor will be on campus at ALL times. This HCS is under the supervision of the camp's Health Care Consultant, per order of the Massachusetts Board of Health.
    • We encourage the use of sunscreen and ask that all parents send sunscreen with their children. The Health Care Supervisor will also have sunscreen available.
    • A medical form, filled out by a parent/guardian, must be presented BEFORE the first day of camp. This form must be accompanied by a physician's form, showing proof of examination within the past 24 months, up to date immunizations, and the physician's signature.

    CLICK HERE for Required Medical Forms

  • What to Bring to Overnight Camp

    • Pillow, linens, towels, alarm clock, blanket, toiletries, foot powder (for blisters)
    • Outdoor soccer cleats, shinguards. (No NEW Cleats as they typically cause blisters!!)
    • Indoor soccer shoes or sneakers (Day Campers too!)
    • Soccer attire - may wnt to pack extra outfit/socks per day. They will be sweaty!
    • Casual attire - sweats and flip flops for evenings
    • Rain jacket
    • Glasses/contacts and cleaning solution
    • Prescription medication to give to trainer on site
    • Pajamas, bathrobe
    • Sunblock, bug spray
    • Flashlight and spare batteries
    • Laundry bag
    • Entertainment, like books, music, hackey sacks, and deck of cards
    • Olin College dorms are air conditioned, so no fans are needed!!
    • We ask that cell phones (and other electronic devices) be left at home!
  • Awards and Pick Up Information -(Olin College)

    The awards ceremony will be at 11:00am, Friday morning.
    Special awards will be presented for achievements throughout the week and campers will receive an individualized evaluation from their 6v6 coach. This assessment is useful in providing information on which aspects of the game individual campers should continue to work on after their week of camp.

    Friday morning pick-up is directly after awards at approximately 11:15 am. Parents are encouraged to attend the awards ceremony at 11:00 am.

  • Daily Schedule for Olin, Austin Prep and Bancroft School

    7-8 am - Wakey-Wakeys and Breakfast (For overnight at Olin College)
    8:30-9 am - Group Warmup
    9-11 am - Individual Techniques
    11-12 noon - 6v6 Tournament
    12-2 pm - Lunch Break (12:30-2pm Films for all campers)
    2:15-4 pm - Team Tactics
    4-5 pm - 6v6 Tournament
    5 pm - Option 1 Day Campers Leave (Day Campers at Austin Prep and Bancroft School leave)
    5-6:30 pm - Dinner Break
    6:30-8 pm - 8v8 or 11v11 games
    8 pm - Option 2 Day Campers Leave
    8-9 pm - Break for Overnight Campers
    9-10 pm - Films for all Overnight Campers
    10:30 pm - Lights Out

  • Cell Phone Policy

    We ask that cell phones be left at home. The reception on all of the campuses is not ideal and therefore, for the safety of the campers, we do not want them wandering around trying to get reception. The Camp Office phone is always available should a camper need to get in touch with his/her parents or vice versa.

  • Films at Camp

    Occasionally during overnight and day camps, inclement weather forces the camp indoors. We use this time to show instructional soccer videos. We utilize the latest coaching video tapes from England, The Netherlands, and Germany using professional players and coaches. We also show films each night during Movie Hour for the overnight campers. This is a time for the campers to relax in a controlled and supervised environment. We encourage them to wear their pajamas and even bring pillows!! At nighttime, we show soccer themed movies, such as "Lady Bugs" with Rodney Dangerfield or "Kicking and Screaming" with Will Farrell for the Soccer Juniors and "Goal" or "Gracie" for the Advanced and Premier groups.

  • Camp Curriculum

    Camp Program for Soccer Juniors

    Our youngest age group (usually 8-10 years) has a unique schedule aimed at skills, fun with the ball, and an emphasis on small group games. After a fun group warm-up, the Soccer Juniors will practice their techniques and be introduced to the tactical aspects of the game. Each session is followed by a 6 V 6 game in which the campers are encouraged to try their new skills.

    Camp Program for Advanced Group

    This age group (usually between 11-13 years) has a similar schedule to that of the older Premier Group. This program is for those players who have goals of playing in high school. The Advanced Group is divided into smaller groups based on ability to ensure a fun and competitive atmosphere. With technical sessions in the morning and tactical sessions in the afternoon, the Advanced Group is exposed to all aspects of the game. The Advanced Group will be introduced to 11 V 11 team tactics every evening and will utilize these skills at the culmination of the week in an 11 V 11 tournament.

    Camp Program for Premier Group

    This Premier Group is comprised of high school players, from 14-17 years old. This program is a more intense version of the advanced schedule, involving more fitness training and concentration on positional skills. Top international and college coaches will use their expertise to train the campers in techniques and tactics. Each session is followed by a 6 V 6 game, so campers can try their new skills in a game situation. The Premier Group is broken up in 11 V 11 teams in the evening. Coaches utilize shadow play to show the progression of play, utilizing different systems of play. Emphasis varies daily from defensive team play to offensive team strategy. This Premier Group is for the competitive high school player.

    Goalkeepers Specialized Training

    Goalkeeping is a demanding and unique position which requires a separate program. Goalkeepers work every morning with our goalkeeper coach from 9 - 11 am and each afternoon from 2:30 - 4 pm. Immediately following these sessions, the goalkeepers are tested in a 6 V 6 game. Please note: GK Training is ONLY held at Olin College camps. Goalkeepers will work on the following:

    • Fitness - flexibility, reflexes, strength, movement.
    • Technique - catching, diving, throwing, punting.
    • Tactics - positioning, angles, reading the game, leading the defense, initiating offense, distribution, set plays.
    • Mental Preparation - attitude, confidence, concentration, courage.

    High School Training Week

    Bring your high school team to a week of our overnight camp. We will run an intensive training program specific to each team to help them prepare for their upcoming high school season. Our senior staff coaches will work with each individual player to make him/her a stronger player. They will work on functional training by position and tactical training. Our coaches will focus on team shape using various systems of play.

    The coaches will evaluate every player through the week. Each player will go home with a personal evaluation of him/his skills and information on what he/she needs to work on to get to the next level.

    We have trained teams from Acton-Boxboro, Andover, Arlington, Arlington Catholic, Dana Hall School, Dover-Sherborn, Framingham, Georgetown, Hopedale, King Philip, Medfield, Marian HS, Maine, N. Andover, Sharon, Wachusett, Wellesley, Weston, and Westwood, many of whom have made it through to the high school state soccer tournament, including State Champions and Finalists!!

  • On Site Registration/Drop Off

    • Olin College - June 20, 27, July 5 weeks - 8:30am at soccer fields, July 10-Aug 7 weeks - Sundays, 2-4pm at dorms (overnight campers), 3-4pm at soccer fields (day campers)
    • Austin Prep School - Mondays, July 11, 18, 25 & Aug 1 - 8:30am at Multi-Purpose Facility
    • Medfield - Monday mornings - 8:30am at McCarthy Park soccer fields 
    • Dover - Monday morning, August 22 - 8:00am at CRS soccer fields
    • Andover - Monday mornings - 8:00am at soccer fields


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